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March 19, 2009


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Thank you for your faithful encouragement and pointing to the gospel. I am convicted that parenting is just one more thing that I try to do on my own. I am saved by grace and must learn to parent by grace. I appreciate that you admit that parenting is a trying, tiring task.

Will you give correct examples of how to use scripture to discipline and speak to our children? It helps me to read "the right way to say it" to get my mind to think in that way as this is not how my husband and I were raised. I desire to communicate more than just rules or moralisms. How do we communicate grace, mercy, justice, and all gospel truths in our conversations? That is probably more than one simple question!

I appreciate your time.


That would be great to see what would be the right way to communicate the joy & light of the Bible in everyday situations like the one you reference with Joshua and his mom. I can many times feel like I'm saying some of the right things, but something is missing, and it's hard for me to pinpoint what that is. I think my attitude is a big part of it (wanting to just change behavior).

Thank you for your blog! So helpful and encouraging!


"Ditto" to what Jo and Eva have said about desiring to know how to communicate when correcting as in the example with Joshua and his mom. Thank you so much for all your posts. I can't express how helpful they are to my husband and me.


Thank you again for the gentle reminder that Biblical discipline takes time (lots of it!). I was reminded of this article just this morning as I dealt with one of my 5 year olds. I thought I would mention how much I appreciate the sound, biblical advice. I look forward to hearing more.

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