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February 10, 2009


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David Hartman

The begining of wisdom is the fear of God, wisdom comes from knowing God and His word, God is wisdom and the Holy Spirit is the one who brings to our rememberance all that Christ has said which would include all of God's word.
That would suggest that it is pretty much all of God and that our part of the pursuit of wisdom is simply to rely on the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom as we spend time reading, studying and memorizing the word of God. If we spend no time in it there will be nothing to remind us of.
The caution would be not to make this some kind of law to fulfill but instead a relationship to build.
Thanks for the 'wisdom' in this message Jay!

Your posts on gaming have been nothing short of amazing. I am frightfully busy or I would have written by now. The whole depiction of the existential world view as acknowleding the fall without the wonder of creation and hope of redemption is incredible. PLEASE DO MORE WITH THIS like write a book or something!!! I have never had a solid clear way to cognize the existential world view to the children, and we have all studied the posts fervently. Unbelievably (but not really considering God), that very week Daniel was asked at a college interview how totally boring he would have thought it would have been for "Adam and EVe to hold hands all day in the garden?". This has really helped get a biblical grip on a difficult topic and has not only been profitable for our family, but reaches out further as Daniel takes the concepts with him to battle on the collegiate front. Really excellent.

stephen lilico

I am myself a teenager, and I do find that computer games can be a dangerous distraction from what is important.This whole section has really helped me to get to grips with how to manage my time.
as far as I can tell, it seems to me that computer games can be another opening for communication with your friends, and could be a potentially useful pastime. Unlike other hobbies, it carries an inherently greater risk because its so addictive and creates a different world in which you can immerse yourself.
One thing poeple should note is that this series has implications on other parts of life than gaming, as most of the principles suggested should be applied to everything.
I am so sending a link to this to my mum.


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