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February 03, 2009


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This has been so helpful. Thank you for bringing the insight about our God-given purpose to subdue the earth and how sin corrupts this, which may look like obsessive gaming for my boys. I am really looking forward to the next article.


Wow! A lot to digest and process. I never really thought about how the way God intended creation and how sin messed His intention up has contributed to so many struggles. I am learning a lot from this blog but sometimes it seems like it takes so much reinforcement to make it stick!! Please keep up your work, Jay, it is helping! I am looking forward to the next post. I think I need to adjust my own thinking about MY free time before I start to look at my children's.

Jo Charles

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your insight into the fact that we are wired to subdue the earth being the driving force (albeit corrupted) behind gaming etc has been really helpful. Great stuff for some good conversations with the kids. Praying for grace to apply it! Thanks again.

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