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January 06, 2009


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Dan Delavan

Once again, a great post!! I have asked my kids how they "choose their friends" on Facebook. It sounds so forlorn for them to get a message: "John wants to be your friend." Do you have any guidance for us? Thanks!!


Funny how we have to be reminded to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves for a different form of communication. It just proves how easily we can forget our mandate to be Christlike.

David Hartman


Well said. As a follower of Christ, He must be our first concern and His honor and Glory our goal no matter where we are representing Him.
One of the challenes I have as one who has been given the gift of exhortation is how to be bold in a rebuke and yet still be gracious and loving. Jesus is a master at this, I on the other hand don't always pull it off well. It appears that you have learned well from Him.

As always it is very important for us to use decernment (the type only the Holy Spirit and the Word of God can offer) when we apply these things to our children. If you are sensing that your kids are not mature enough to use Faceboook or any other social media outlet I would limit their use of it and maybe even keep them off of it for now. They may need more training. You may want to sit with them while they are online and teach them what to be looking for and what to steer away from.
Remember to get to the heart of the issue for them. Why do they want to be on Facebook? When they are on it what are they planning to say or show? Is it all about them or is it all about their Savior? In other words are they using Facebook to glorify themselves or the Lord?
Pray about it for a while and listen, the Lord will give you an answer.
I hope this is helpful to you.



"Post Only What is Helpful"

This is a good word. You've followed your own advice in this post.

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