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January 07, 2009


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David Hartman

Another great thought provoking post.
I believe it was Chuck Swindoll who years ago was teaching on David and made a similar tie to the mundane. He pointed out how David got cought in adultry with Bathsheba because while "chilling" he let his guard down.
I have had to travel a fair amount over the years do to the work that I do. Early on God made it very clear to me through the study of His word and the counsel of godly men that I needed to guard my heart as I was out of town. This was crucial advice as I would come to find out because while out of town away from the family and your church community there are many oportunities to fall into sin.
Over the years I have made a plan that is really simple that has helped me.
#1 I always bring my Bible
#2 I always have a bible study to do
#3 I always bring a good biblically based book to read
#4 I never watch TV programs in the hotel room that I am unfamiliar with. If I wouldn't watch it with my wife I won't watch it.
#5 I never go to dinner with a client of the opposite sex alone. Always go as a group.
These 5 things have kept me always aware of Who I represent. My Lord Jesus Christ!
Stay faithful and guard your heart!


Great post, Dave! I am passing this one on to my brother who does a lot of traveling.

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