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January 05, 2009


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Kristen Schwark

I really appreciated your post on Facebook. I actually had to close my own facebook page just because it was too much of a temptation to spend unnecessary amounts of time on! For the short while I did have it activated though I was surprised and a little dismayed to see my friends and families profiles contained things that I didn't feel were accurately portraying their Christian walk.
It is tempting, or easy to forget I guess to post things that wouldn't be glorifying to God. This was a good reminder that you can not just be passive in your posting that we are still called to live/post in a manner consistent with our faith.
Thank you for your insights.

Jenny Hinton

As a fairly new Facebook user, this is a wonderful reminder. I recently read a friend's blog which stated, "May the words of my posts and the links from this blog be acceptable in Your sight, oh Lord, my rock and my Redeemer." It is all too easy to compartmentalize our lives and only be holy in certain areas, but this is not what Christ has called us to. Thank you for your thoughts on this matter.

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