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July 07, 2008


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It amazes me daily how God provides what we need when we need it. I only occasionally check the Shepherding blog (for several reasons none of which is disinterest!) but have been praying about our struggles with our 2 year old's broken sleep and the consequences this has on her behavior during the day. When she appears in our room at o'dark thirty she claims her fears of thunder etc as justification for not returning alone to her room... This post not only encourages me with a concrete strategy for combating these fears and helping her to get back to solid sleeping, but it was a powerful reminder that God does hear me and that He is answering me. I wouldn't have said no to the "deus ex machina" response of simply having her start to sleep peacefully for 14 hours :) ... but this response will certainly draw us closer to one another and to Him... Thank You!


"The Bible promises that sweet and protected sleep is possible."

This an interesting article, but I have a caution to mention. The book of Proverbs is a wisdom book, not a book of promises. It teaches us how to be wise and the way things generally work; it isn't a formula for guaranteeing a desired outcome.

Jay Younts

Kim, thanks for your comment. I agree with your caution. This is why I said this is possible and not a guarantee. But the passages in Proverbs chapters 3&6 and Psalm 3 do indicate that sleep protected by God and his word is something to desire. Sleep problems are often placed in a category where little help can be realized. I believe these passages provide hope and direction for children and adults who struggle with sleep.

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