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June 02, 2008


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Allan Thomas

Helping children is very blessing work. by your post u r doing a very well work. Thanks and keep it up.

Brenda Kern

I am a mother of two girls one is a 15y.o. christian who is very easy to discipline and teach however the other is 9y.o. and has mild mental retardation and a seizure disorder. I am trying to implement what I am learning from Shepherding a Child's Heart but I'm not sure how to do that with my 9y.o. because she can't answer questions that would need to be asked to explain her behavior. Her cognitive abilities are very poor. I'm not even sure if she will ever understand salvation but I know she will still be with the Lord in heaven if she is not capable of making that decision. How do you implement this teaching to children with mental disabilities?

Jay Younts

Brenda, Thank you for your comment and question. Since I don't know the specific issue at hand, I want to be careful with my answer. My heart certainly goes out to you. In all that you do you want to reference Christ, that he is the reason that you love and care for your daughter,even if she appears not to be able to respond. Much as you would with an infant who also appears not to be able to understand, you still want to talk about God and his ways to your daughter. Pray openly with her and trust God to work on his time table. When she is struggling you can still pray and encourage her that God is a faithful God. While not directly related to children, Polishing God's Monuments deals with difficult health situations and God's care and control. You might find this book helpful to you. You can purchase it by clicking on the Shepherd Press link in the sidebar to right. Thanks again for your question and for stopping by the blog. blessings in Christ,

Jay Younts

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