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June 26, 2008


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I agree with Ann that it is really hard to remain pleasant after a long day of seemingly endless issues. One of the biggest challenges for me is that my days have a lot of planned activities and I often find myself unable to spend the time on disciplinary situations that is needed and also fulfill the other obligations that I have. I end up thinking that I have failed to keep the main thing the main thing. Yet this is the reality for us more days than not.


Wisdom from above. Thanks Mr. Tripp for keeping up your blog. I needed this post today.


You mention that "Heather has been given only one option". Is it ever appropriate to offer a choice? For instance, "Honey, you can either give the train to your brother and find another toy, or you can play with the train with him." Or should these options be explained at a point when there is *not* a squabble going on (i.e. "here are some ways you can share and act kindly in the future")?

This may seem like a tiny little detail to be asking about, but I'm trying to fit this with your response to my comment earlier (your response was in "It's Not Fair - Part Two"). Plus I seem to need a lot of remedial help in this arena of child rearing. :-)

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