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April 08, 2008


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Don Fields

Good stuff.

I think most parents would read this and think, "Impossible. Unrealistic. You're dreaming." They have no foundation for this type of conversation with their children. They might even laugh at this conversation and think it is unnecessary or extreme.

Where do you start with parents so that they not only see this kind of instruction as possible but absolutely necessary?

Dan Delavan

I agree with Don. Most parents have no clue where to start in "Gospel centered" correction.

We are "coming out the other side" of parenting, with children 19, 17 and 15. We were not introduced to this type of parenting until 9 years ago. It took years for us to learn how to "live" the Gospel in our conversations, rather than just teaching facts in our devotions.

We have found that in counseling other parents, that we have to walk them through conversations very similar to what you have done in this post.

Thank you for your help and specific examples of applying life-encompassing principles.


Thanks so much for the example. I am particularly challenged by the idea of family worship outside of church. It seems the more we incorporate discussion and prayer into our lives the more fruit (however small sometimes it is) we see. "The heart of the righteous ponders how to answer.." Prov. 15:28. What a learning curve this is! I've never studied the Word so much as I have now that I'm a parent. This blog has just been an incredible blessing in helping us. We're so grateful to have these tools while our children are young. Connecting vision and daily life is our work each day. Thanks for your help.


While I agree with your direction the practical side for our family right now is explaining most or any of that to a 15 mo old and a 2 1/2 year old even in the simple terms of your example is fruitless. The 15 mo old doesn't get much at this stage except "No", "Share", "Don't grab", etc. Concepts are beyond him right now. The 2 1/2 year old may understand a bit more but not much. As they get a little older this direction is most certainly the way to go. Thanks for your insight.

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