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April 11, 2008


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Caleb Land

Thank you for your careful response to what is ever becoming a difficult question. It is great to be reminded to base our teaching not on our thoughts and ideas, even if they are good, but on God's instruction, which is our only source of truth.

Your emphasis on gospel as response to homosexuality specifically and moral relativism generally is right on. It is difficult to find the balance between loving sinful people and teaching the truth about their sin, but that is what the gospel demands.

I also appreciate your observation that there are no quick or easy answers. One of the difficult things in student ministry is the desire of both parents and students for quick, easy, prescriptive answers to difficult situations and issues.. In a society of sound bites and quick fixes, it is important for student ministers to partner with and empower parents to carefully and continually cultivate a love of the gospel and a Christian worldview in their children through ongoing discipleship.

Thank you for your time and your response.

Roger Willis

Thank you for the great insights you guys share in your books and now on your blog. As a pastor I read your books, make them available in our church library and make copies available to our members.

I just read your reply to the questions about The National Day of Silence. Your recommendations are right on.

I am surprised that they want to focus on the young man killed in Oxnard, CA. This could come back to bite them (we will how the press handles this). I grew up in Oxnard and pastor in a nearby city. The case of this killing has not gone to trial yet (and won't for some time), but initial reports said that the young man who was killed attended the school cross-dressed in violation of the school code and is reported to have sexually harassed the boy who reportedly killed him.
How these GLSEN folks have made Lawrence King into their poster-boy martyr is irresponsible and desperate.

Jay Younts

Roger, thanks for your kind comments. Thanks, too, for the additional insight about the sad incident with Lawrence King. Your thoughts show the value of Proverbs 18:17 in evaluating the things that we read and hear about! Please stop by anytime.

Jay Younts

Caleb, Thank you for bringing the issue to the blog. I will be doing several posts on teenagers in the next week or so and your comment was a great introduction into this topic.


No offense intended to the author of this blog entry, or for the one who asked the initial question, but, if christians are so dead set against bullying, harrassment, etc., then why do you constantly promote it towards GLBT kids? If you are so dead set against bullying, harrassmenet, etc., against people per se, then why don't you come out against those who are doing the bullying, etc..., instead of joining in? The National Day of Silence is helping to promote peace between people who otherwise couldn't or wouldn't agree on anything. If christians want respect, then they need to show it first.

Thank you,

Kyle - 19, Pennsylvania

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