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February 02, 2008


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Don Fields

Excellent thoughts!

We cannot view any medium as "neutral." There is always a motivation and a message and we need to be evaluating and teaching our children to be evaluating.

One thing you haven't covered is that we should discuss the emptiness of a championship. As I watched the coverage after the game I heard much talk about Tom Coughlin, the Giants head coach, telling his players that second to family there is no feeling like winning a championship. This is a message that needs to be dealt with biblically.

Jay Younts


Thanks for the comment! You thought about pursuing the theme of emptiness after achieving "the ultimate human goal" is a good one. My thoughts immediately go to the Proverbs that tell us that nothing we desire can compare with the wisdom of God. This a vital lesson to teach our children. I'll give this some additional thought and get a post out this week. Thanks again for stopping by!

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