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January 28, 2008


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Don Fields

Thank you for highlighting this passage. Yesterday, I had opportunity to use it in instruction. I had already used the Proverbs 1 passage with our son, but when connected with Proverbs 5 it became even more powerful.

Lisa N

I have been using Prov 9:6-12 with my 11 yo son. This has been helpful to evaluate how he is responding to instruction/correction {wisely or as a scoffer/scorner}. I like Proverbs 5:11-14 as it takes it to the next level. . . . displaying the acknowledgment that he has played the fool by hating discipline.

Jay Younts

Lisa, Thank you for stopping by and leaving your response. May God bless you as raise your children.

Omar Ortiz

What advice do you have in helping a two year old to view discipline as "an adornmenment" and not merely as correcting bad behavior?

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