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January 29, 2009


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Dan Delavan

Now you are stepping on MY toes. What ARE pastors supposed to do all week? We only work one day, you know!!

Seriously, thank you for great perspectives. As usual, my mind is going broader, with thoughts of working at jobs where I daydreamed of ways to be someplace else, or of other adults who complain about getting fired when they spent half of each day at the coffee pot OR? in unproductive "heartless" activity.

I can almost see a Col. 3:23 explanation coming up in a future post.

Once again, thank you for getting us thinking correctly on these things.


Is there a clear sense of meaning and purpose in the lives of your children? Or do they have large chunks of time that are seemingly discretionary?

Jay, when you said this question, it truly hit home. Recently I have been struggling with how little meaning and purpose there is in the lives of my children. They go to school, they do their homework, but when there is free time, their life is one big empty hole. They generally listen to music and just hang out. I know if I let them, they would spend the day on the computer or watching TV. They have no desire to take up a hobby, go for a walk, practice an instrument, help around the house. It seems like everything has to be assigned before it is done, and often the assignments are met with less than joyful responses. The less than joyful responses, I must admit, have caused me to ask less and less of them. Also, my own lack of discipline, "it is easier to do it myself" have contributed to these large chunks of seemingly discretionary time. I could use some help in this area.

As always, your blog is truly a way that the Lord speaks truth in my life. I always look forward to what He has to say through you.

Jo Charles

Thanks so much for these posts (and the ones on schoolwork). Your insight is always helpful for going just one step further in instructing my children. I, too, was particularly struck by your question as to whether there are large chunks of seemingly discretionary time in my kids' lives and what good could be done if less time were given to gaming (or in our case reading the same books again). Hmmm. I see the need to more actively promote a purposeful and God-glorifying use of time. More grace!! Thank you again. I am looking forward to further posts.


Just found this blog tonight. What a stunning reminder for parents, and grandparents, too! Time wasted can never be regained, and the examples we live in front of the children in our lives can be far more significant than we realize. Better that they have memories of doing productive, edifying things together with us than regrets for time lost in front of the computer or xbox. Thanks, Jay!

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