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September 11, 2008


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Jay, when I first read this statement:
"Parents, think carefully and pray earnestly that God will help you to listen, " I started to skip to "the good stuff." Then I realized how important that part is. Without the Holy Spirit's help, I'll not be a good listener. I do hope you'll keep talking on this topic... maybe a followup on being a good questioner?

Dan Delavan

Thank you for helpful truths. I find our kids DO SAY A LOT, even if they do not TALK a lot. Often we as parents are so distracted because we are running off to work, or church, or our kids sporting events that we don't listen to the few words they DO share.

We are having to learn to sit patiently in the car or on the edge of our kids' beds listening without condemnation and sometimes without comment.

I'm looking forward to any other input you have for us.

Jay Younts

Michelle and Dan,
There will be several posts coming on this topic. Thanks for your encouragement.


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